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Experience Effortless Exploration with the Segway Ninebot MiniPro (S-PRO)

Imagine gliding through your city effortlessly on a sleek, compact, and eco-friendly device that’s as stable as standing still. Meet the Segway Ninebot MiniPro (S-PRO), a revolutionary self-balancing electric transporter designed to change the way you explore your surroundings. Weighing just 12.8 kg and capable of reaching speeds up to 18 km/h, the MiniPro is four times faster than walking, allowing you to cover more ground in less time.

Engineering Excellence: Speed, Stability, and Safety

The Segway Ninebot MiniPro (S-PRO) is packed with innovative technology to deliver an unparalleled ride experience. The device boasts an advanced self-balancing system, making it incredibly stable and easy to ride, even when climbing a 15˚ slope or crossing a small hump. In less than a minute, the S-PRO can reach its top speed of 18 km/h, providing a quick and efficient mode of transport that’s perfect for urban explorers, commuters, and anyone who loves the sensation of gliding on air.

Beyond its impressive speed and stability, the MiniPro prioritizes rider safety. Equipped with an intelligent braking system, the electric transporter automatically adjusts the braking force based on the rider’s weight, speed, and road conditions. The S-PRO also features customizable headlights and taillights to ensure visibility during nighttime rides, while a reliable anti-theft system provides peace of mind when you need to leave your device unattended.

Lightweight and Maintenance-Free Electric Motor

One of the most notable features of the Segway Ninebot MiniPro (S-PRO) is its lightweight, maintenance-free electric motor. Powered by a high-capacity lithium-ion battery, the motor provides a whisper-quiet ride while offering the ability to cover up to 30 km on a single charge. This makes the S-PRO a fantastic option for those seeking to reduce their carbon footprint or simply enjoy a more convenient and economical mode of transportation.

Forget about the headaches associated with traditional commuter vehicles; the MiniPro’s motor requires no regular servicing, eliminating the need for oil changes, tune-ups, or costly repairs. Simply charge the device, and you’re ready to glide through your day.

Customizable and User-Friendly Ride Experience

Riders can personalize their Segway Ninebot MiniPro (S-PRO) experience through the device’s intuitive companion app. The app offers features such as firmware upgrades, customizable lighting, vehicle diagnostics, and a beginner tutorial to help new riders get acquainted with the transporter. Additionally, users can connect with other riders in their area, share their journeys, and even participate in friendly competitions.

The MiniPro is designed with a padded knee control bar to provide maximum comfort and easy maneuverability. This innovative control setup allows riders to steer the device with precision, effortlessly changing directions or making 360˚ turns on the spot.


The Segway Ninebot MiniPro (S-PRO) is a game-changing self-balancing electric transporter that allows users to explore their environment efficiently and sustainably. With its lightweight design, impressive speed and stability, maintenance-free electric motor, and customizable features, it’s easy to see why the MiniPro is appealing to a wide range of users. Whether you’re a busy urbanite looking for a faster way to navigate the city or an eco-conscious adventurer seeking a thrilling new way to explore, the Segway Ninebot MiniPro (S-PRO) promises an unforgettable ride experience.

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