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How To Pick the Best Towels?

Towels are an indispensable but often overlooked element of daily life. While they perform an obvious role in your daily routine, they are so much more than simply a cloth for drying off after a bath or shower. While their main role is inarguably important, they also have several additional benefits, including comfort and being an integral part of your bathroom design. So how much is there to consider when buying a towel? We break it down for you so that you can find the perfect towels for your lifestyle, they’ll look nicer, dry better, feel softer and last longer.

  • Know the Material

Have you ever used a towel at a day spa or high-end hotel, you know those thick, lush, cozy and superabsorbent towels that seem ubiquitous with designer living? Well, a big part of what makes them so great is the fabric they are made from. Your skin is super sensitive, lined with hundreds of thousands of nerve endings, this means that there is no fooling it, a low-quality towel will feel inescapably harsh and coarse, while a quality towel will take you to another plane of existence. One of the best materials for a soft and luxurious towel is 100% pure cotton, its long fibres give it an extra lush feel while also aiding in absorbency. When purchasing towels online (or in-store) be sure to check that it is made from cotton so that you can be confident in the quality of the product you are buying.

  • Get the Best Absorbency

Absorbency is a key attribute of a good towel. Obviously, you want a towel that will get you dry before it gets wringing wet. Cheap cotton towels are often thin and cannot absorb much water before they become damp, ineffective and unpleasant to use. Meanwhile, budget-brand heavy-weight towels can absorb water effectively but are difficult to dry due to their weight, especially in winter. A high-quality cotton towel can avoid both these issues, quality cotton towels are woven from high-loft cotton fibres that can hold a lot of water but at the same time will not take as long to dry as their cheaper counterparts. A collection of high-quality, 100% pure cotton towels is the starting point for any luxury bathroom.

  • Enjoy Luxurious Softness

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While absorbency might be the most important aspect of a towel, softness is the most noticeable one. When buying towels online, it’s not possible to ‘try before you buy’, this means you are stuck relying on the product description alone. A great way to be sure that the towel you are choosing will be soft and luxurious is to only buy quality cotton towels. Selecting high-loft cotton towels is guaranteed to provide you that luxury hotel feel in your own home.

  • Avoid Synthetics (and be Sustainable!)

We are all aware of the dangers facing the environment from poor product choices. Synthetic products such as nylon-based fabrics are coarse and unpleasant on your skin as well as being unsustainable, non-biodegradable and all-in-all, generally just terrible for the environment. Cotton is a natural fibre, grown and harvested from a natural plant, it looks great, feels great, is durable, and sustainable, and if you ever lose it or throw it out, it’s 100% biodegradable. Further, sustainable products don’t contain harmful chemicals or pesticides and are usually more allergy-friendly than synthetic alternatives. Now, that’s what we call a win-win!

  • Check the Care Instructions

The last thing you want when you buy any clothing or fabric products for your lifestyle is something that will add to your workload. Many obscure and exotic luxury materials require specific cleaning instructions. Cotton is not only one of the most practical materials for towels, providing unparalleled functionality, it is also super simple to clean and maintain. Cotton doesn’t require special instructions or cleaning agents. So be sure to check the cleaning instructions before buying any towel online to be sure that you’re not simply buying yourself another job.

With online shopping becoming the most popular method of shopping in recent times knowing how to find the best product has never been more important. While picking the best towel may seem like a complicated process, by following this guide and spending a little time and effort, you can find fluffy, comfortable, and easy-to-dry towels.

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