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Brilliant blanc Genifique: THE REVITALIZING HYDRATING SERUM 50ml

See a More Lifted and Youthful Look: Skin feels firmer and looks more lifted and defined. Lines and wrinkles look dramatically reduced. With a powerful concentration of renalose_-the formula penetrates quickly. Helps the skin boost its natural collagen and elastin to strengthen its vital support network.

Chrysalis aqua amino rich refreshing mild face wash 100ml

Dr.rifold Chrysalis Silicone Brush Cleanser  Skin Rejuvenating Amino Acid Silicone Brush Cleanser .gently remove dead skin cells clean up the makeup residue in the pores effectively remove about 99.5% of dirt grease and residual makeup and help the absorption of subsequent care pro.

Decolletage advance soothing lift Trehalose 50ml

When it comes to skincare you might not think about your neck as much as the other visible features on your face but our necks end up aging us more than anything else. Dr Rifold décolletage cream is formulated to help soothing while lif

Exquisite beauty revealing cream trehalose

Dr.rifold exquisite body lotion 150ml Exquisite body lotion removes dead cells and reduces the sign of aging Ingredients cucumber trehalose and sweet orange cover the pores and promote skin metabolism making the skin soft and smooth.

Fabu lotion Skin Barrier Trehalose Lotion 200ml

"Fabu lotion" Skin Barrier Trehalose Lotion Our skincare range enriched with cooling cucumber and vitamins to gently care for your skin & plus added trehalose will hydrate and smooth. Leaving you with nourished and beautifully soft skin.

Fabu Toner Pores Minimizing Absorbing Toner 200ml

An advanced moisture complex helps prep for acceptance of serums and creams. Skin's left dewy-fresh, glowing, and plumped with moisture.

Foreva Dress Shimmer Skin Enhancer

Your skin color will be changed whitely in 3 seconds after applying the "Foreva" Dress Shimmer Skin Enhancer on your skin.  It lasts long and adheres to any akin area (face, elbows, knees, malleolus, armpits, etc) without stickiness.

Fx Cream 50ml – secent of milk ferment french pudding hyaluronic super strength

Scent of milk ferment french pudding hyaluronic super strength. Rifold Fx Cream moisturizes the skin to reduce the signs of aging. With Ingredients olive oil trehalose hyaluronic acid marigold calendula Licorice all.

Fx Lotion – cucumber chamomile repairing

Dr Rifold Fx Lotion 200ml is rich in cucumber acids and multi-vitamins which can break down melanin in the skin and make the complexion lighter whiter and smoother. The method of adding milk to trehalose witch hazel rosehip oil and avocado

G’day Lift & Protect Daily Radiance-protect cell

G'day Lift & Protect Daily Radiance-protect cell vitality whitening water boost 50g

G’night BALANCE & RESCUE Hyaluronan redness

G'night BALANCE & RESCUE Hyaluronan redness & spots Removing Sleeping Mask 50g

Good look Tone and Firm Nutri-Define Eye cream 30ml

REPAIRS Dramatically reduces the look of every key sign of eye aging, including puffiness, lines, and dryness. BRIGHTENS DARK CIRCLES. HYDRATES for 24 hours thanks to a potent hydration booster, including Hyaluronic Acid. PREVENTS free radical damage with 8-hour anti-oxidant power--part of our multi-action anti-pollution defense technology. The sparkle of youth is in your eyes.